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The Complete Idiot's Guide To Robert's Rules
Nancy Sylvester


The authority on how to effectively run a meeting. Not a rule book but a book to help you understand and apply parliamentary procedure. Perfect for the new president of a small group or the chairman of a large formal meeting, this guide explains everything from the ladder of motions to how to use Robert's Rules for any size or type of meeting. Expert parliamentarian Nancy Sylvester helps tailor the most popular form of parliamentary procedure today to meet any organization's needs.

  • Approximately 95% of all clubs, organizations, and governments use Robert's Rules of Order as their authority

  • Author is one of the few certified parliamentary experts in the country

  • Includes sample minutes, a sample agenda, and a full version of Robert's Rules for reference


The Guerrilla Guide To Robert's Rules
Nancy Sylvester


For anyone who has ever had something important to say at their local school board or condo association meeting, only to be drowned out by others who knew how to take control of the meeting—or were just louder—this guide shows how anyone can get their thoughts and ideas heard and their agendas and proposals passed. 

This book provides secrets, tips, and tricks to making the rules of Parliamentary procedure a personal secret weapon. With The Guerrilla Guide to Robert’s Rules, readers will learn all the ways to make their voice heard— fairly and ethically! 


  • Written by the consummate Professional Registered Parliamentarian

  • Tips on how to play fair—and play to win

  • The perfect complement to Sylvester’s book on the basics of Parliamentary procedure, The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Robert’s Rules


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